Naked Republicans: Blue Meanies Fleeing or Looking Foolish

Naked Republicans:  Blue Meanies Fleeing or Looking Foolish

Cantor and Bonior with bogus Republican response

Cantor and Bonior with bogus Republican response

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Naked Republicans: Blue Meanies Fleeing of Looking Foolish <— Click Here

Naked Republicans:  Blue Meanies Fleeing or Looking Foolish

How Bush and Paulson Managed to Get Away Scot Free With their Last Minute Cleaning Out of America’s Cupboards — Taking Even the Silver — and Leaving America and the World Closer to an Actual Doomsday Within a

Generation or Two at the Most, Closer to The End of All Time Than Ever Before.

Ironically, the Republicans-That-Got-Away, by Kneecapping All Future Efforts to Steady Ourselves Made Sure We Would Never Forget Them Either.  For the Last-Minute Cleanout Was Overreach of the Most Red-Handed, Leaving us Far Worse Off Even Than the Already Horrible Financial Footing Cause by a War and Another Eight Years of Massive Republican Tax Giveaways to the Filthy Rich ( on top of the 12 years during Reagan-Bush) Was Already Going to Leave Us, And As if Everyone Was Somehow Going to Forget That Bush Began His Presidency Inheriting a Surplus That the Country was Practically Giddy About, Thinking How it Could Be Used to Raise America Up in One Area or Another in Which She Had Fallen Down After the Massive Budget Cuts of the 1980s Left Us Heading Toward Third World Status.  The Tax Cut Policies of the three Republican Presidents Had Finally Proven Themselves to Be the Abysmal Products of Class Consciousness, Not Real World Economics, That They Always Were.

So the Republican Facade Had Come Down as Surely as the Berlin Wall. However Leave it to the Republicans to Never Let the Facts Get in the Way of Saying Whatever Lies They Can Dream Up to Support Their Benefactors, Showing in This Way That They Were True Lackeys of Outside Interests, for They Weren’t Even Allowed the Dignity that the Communist Hard-Liners Had, When They Were So Openly Shown to Be Wrong, and to Disappear from Public Life.  Instead the Republicans, Not Being Independent Players, Were Forced to Continue Their Obvious Shameful Lying, Though to the World They Were Naked, Exposed, and Were Even Embarrassing to Watch.

So the Republicans, Disgraced Round About, Were Forced Like the Poor Wretches of Dickens Novel to Stand in the Rain and Bellow (“for their supper”); Never Mind How it Looked to the World.  Never Mind Their Loud Rhetoric Against Obama; They Came Across as Unbelievably Foolish Looking, and Even More Ridiculous When They Attempted Some Kind of Reverse Outrage at Obama for Having Been Put in the Position That Their Policies Over the Last Eight Years Put Them.  But Don’t Cry For Them, Because Republicans Are Extremely Wanting When it Comes to Self-Consciousness; It’s Impossible to Imagine That They Ever Look at the “Man in the Mirror” — They Are so Other- and Outside-Oriented (Towards Money), and Naturally it Follows That They Are Horrible at Soul Searching or Even Looking Inside to Their Conscience (To Keep This Squarely on the Hard Realities and Not Overreach, I’m Going Against My Gut and Laying Out that Huge Assumption — That they Even Have a Conscience.  Certainly, John Dean of Watergate Fame was not Facetious When He Wrote About “Conservatives Without a Conscience.”)  So That is The Context in This New Era.

No, Republicans have ridiculed the Inner Life, any Inner Life, for many decades, notoriously ripping into and convincing decades of Americans, with their juvenile yet effective substitute for Reason, i.e., Ridicule, Mocking, and Shaming (if you have compassion for others — “bleeding heart”; if you shed a tear during a Presidential Campaign — weak, unstable; if you attempt to raise yourself  above feeling and seek the Presidency as someone who would NOT put himself above the law (See how great that has worked out in the last eight years) and you give a legal answer to a personal question about your wife — you are a zombie and have no feelings; and Republicans have convinced Americans that it is better to be Irrational and Murderous for the Sake of the Family and to Shred the Constitution and Act Dictatorially as President, than to aspire to deal with one’s feelings personally and abide by the same laws as everyone else so that we can still have the sense that there is still some democracy left here — Dukakis.

Anyway, my point is that the Republicans disability in the region of the heart, has left them completely vulnerable to making total fools out of themselves; the polls showing that they are not believed, but that is not the whole truth which is, that most Americans don’t just think them credible when, after eight years of robbing Americans blind and creating the biggest and most punishing economic debacle in almost a century, it would be discovered that the only progress or benefit of all that was one: so that they could create a brand new class status in America, an entire new level, which is above the very, very rich, and which is so far removed from normal Americans that the cable documentaries that have reported on it have struggled with any kind of normal sounding name for it and have been forced to the obvious calling this new class, that of the “Filthy Rich.”

So immediately after the end of term Bush-Paulson-“filthy rich” caper that cleaned out the Treasury, and nearly eliminated Obama’s hopes for economic justice once he became President, when they turned right around and proclaimed that Obama’s attempts to save the economy by funneling money to the actual people who do create wealth in America (in that they work for a living; not suck off other’s wealth), and they actually pay taxes back to the government when they work (again in contrast) and they actually create jobs because not being “filthy rich” they have not had the lives of ease of Bush’s Republicans and his “filthy rich” constituency  (for certainly it was not a government that was run for the benefit of any but that new aspiring American royalty, those faceless people inhabiting that tiny slice of status above all the rest of us, yet controlling  more than 60% of all America’s wealth.

So when the Republicans began embarrassing themselves within a few weeks of the election by completely reversing their rhetoric soooo quickly, well, they, not being one’s to take to anything smacking of any namby-pamby “psychobabble” — again their way of covering up not only the fact that they are disabled in not having a heart but also in not having the faintest glimmer of what an inner realization, understanding of one self, or even an insight is,  and thus, they demonstrated before, not only a vast majority of Americans who have had enough classes in the school of hard knocks as to have had to learn a few things about themselves, to become at least a little savvy about human motivations, and to be able to see through at least the most obvious of the dishonest ploys or self-serving lies of the people around who might occasionally resort to that.  So there we have the context.

And here we have the Republicans, squealing about big spending Democrats only weeks from the ending of their dominance of government which had them, instead, opt for, not free spending, but blatant and free stealing , with the obvious consequence of breaking the bank in their all-consuming greed.

So, Boehner, and Cantor when squealing and setting the squealing chorus going and keeping it high-pitched and ongoing, adding to the transparency of the shame that they were displaying to … the world!  For, tragic but funny enough, and they so deserving of being laughed at, what we all saw was a small bunch of squealers who were obviously knowing of their guilt over the years, and the suffering , immense, over the years, and the way they enriched themselves and their circles of cohorts (the “filthies”), so rather than — Christ, this is the kind you are able to see through at least by the time you make it into junior high — stand idly by, which they knew would leave the center of the circle open to be filled with nonguilty voices — and thus voices which they knew would circle in increasingly on them, their despicable actions, and so on.  So terrified that their silence would leave them naked and exposed to the truth, they opted for some of the most , well, unsavvy and unslick are two words that would apply and would be kinder than they deserve.  It didn’t take Shakespeare to see through their juvenile, laughable fakery and lies, which then they were stuck with, trapped inside of, and thus caused them to increase their proclamations to higher and higher levels of — hilarity for the rest of us — inane, embarrassing  and telltale inanity for them.

It didn’t take a Freud either to see this tactic — in the common sense people say that the best defense is a good offense; others might say they made spectacles of themselves because they in the shame and fear of being caught in their criminality (if it were ever to come out what they did, they feared) and so overburdened could not then thick with any rationality, nor even come up with any smooth or artful cover-ups.  But America is not as averse to understanding other humans as these Republicans wish they would be (for they could get away with their habitual lying — remember how McCain was brought down by his lying in much harsher fashion than any of his predecessors?  He wasn’t a bigger bald-faced liar, no, just as big, but he ran in an era that had seen such a rapid increase in technology, including the sort that allowed the production of ever cheaper and smaller little cameras without film, with immediate recall and which also recorded video, all from a tiny box.  So, he, being like most Republicans out of touch with the waves on which the normal folks must surf or at least move, also made a laughingstock out of himself as he time and again, and on stages small as well as grand (Meet the Press? For example) adamantly denied ever saying exact wording that, sure enough, the moderator would then produce a video of him, plain as day, saying and meaning.  So it was really rough going for all Republicans whose political skills all ran in the direction of their ability to lie and deceive while hiding their true agenda.

And they had been so successful over the last few decades half century that in the last 58 years prior to Obama’s win, Democrats had held the Presidency for only 16 years, indeed until Clinton managed to prevail for eight years, it had been a measly 8 years out of 42.  So, many Republicans — hell, perhaps they became Republicans for these reasons — that they could apparently seek office with even the sleaziest, most criminal, or most selfish of reasons, but they would be surrounded by a sea of true deceivers; liars who made sport, game, and a perfection about it (just ask them — as even McCain had been accused by Bush in South Carolina of fathering a black child).

So, that’s the history, the thrust, and the wind behind them, decade after decade, turning truth on its head and getting away with it.  Indeed, being able to make heroes out of the best in that art — Reagan the penultimate example — and in doing so aiding their cause of confusing Americans of truth through their getting away with blatantly self-servingly turning white into black and their own darkness (just add a little anti-abortion and a little evangelical sounding talk) to appear as white as the proverbial driven snow.

But things change.  I mentioned the technology.  But how can anyone forget eight solid years of Bush-lies.  More than the lies:  How could anyone forget all the suffering caused by those lies!  No, people were getting harder and harder to lie to.

But when, being a Republican, that is the only tool, the only political skill, the only reason you are even a politician in the first place — well skunks don’t’, even if they were aware of this change  in people’s abilities to see through you; skunks don’t change their stripes, but funnier still is the stench that they can’t cover up.

Imagine that and you’ve got an idea of how they appeared, how funny, how stupid, how much appearing to be the obvious fools, liars, self-interested, uncaring of the public interest, the Constitution, or anything that they they’d ever espoused, and which for most Democrats would be their actual reason for being in office.

So, let’s take a little gander back at the fun of, no, not yester-year, actually not so long ago… and would you believe it?!  I don’t believe they are going to allow themselves to realize how foolish they are appearing.  Look, if ya got no clothes, you may have an inkling at times that people are laughing at your foolish, saggy hide, but, well, YA GOT NO CLOTHES!!

But, a little fun, and, then, too, for the record:

I won’t go into the stupid things that Boehner and Cantor and the other bewildered fools said and that were laid out one after the other, the pundits almost chuckling at the spectacle as they, well, being reporters, they HAD to report on this idiotic behavior.

But for all but them (and don’t feel too sorry for them; like I said; they have no capacity for insight; they may even shed a tear on occasion, giving you the impression they have a heart, but, no, not at all, none at all, absolutely NO insight into themselves; let’s see — put this another way — NO self-awareness.  For them, “Hell, where’s the time for that psycho blather when there are endless high wire games of swindle, intrigue, and self-interest to attend to, and all of it with the added wrinkle of it having to be totally lied about; they have to become consummate pretenders; precision actors; and of what would seem to be the hardest acting to pull off — oh, lots of people could pull it off for a moment, a spell, a scene say — but they have to pull off for a lifetime! That they are, check this out, that they are the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they are.  They have to boldly pretend, against every single nerve and thought that comprises them and is thinking every second of how to get a personal advantage out of every, every little thing; against that they have to appear that they are “serving” the interests of the nation, or, caught in that lie, well, it’s their “constituents” that they are serving… though, think about it now, just who exactly lives in a district whose constituents want you to enrich yourself, for you to have power or advantage of whatever secret sort that is the object of your game, but who, and this is match, point, game, no question!  Who has constituents who are ALL, or even predominantly, so wealthy that your acting on behalf of those “filthy rich” folks that I was talking about earlier, at their expense! At the expense of their having to accept lower wages, lower standards of living, having to worry about your not being able to afford health care and having to live the rest of your life with the knowledge that but for that your child would be alive, or, would be alive because a made up war to distract and enrich certain corporations cost you a child, or more.?  Or, just simply, who lives in a district where your actions to increase virtually all of the struggles of their lives, in your slavishly carrying out the wishes of the hidden puppeteers, who’ve paid for your seat, bought your election for you, and so on, and who you wish to get ever closer to, in the thought  that sucking up enough you too can suck yourself, too, right up and through and into the tiny sliver class of the filthies.

So, that ploy, you know, I have to screw all you Americans because the people in my district basically aren’t like real people and so the increased burden added to life’s struggle by my actions, well (and here’s when the “Good job, brownie” really comes splattering back out from the fan) because WE are AMERICANS, who’ve NEVER SHIRKED OUR RESPONSIBILITIES, BUCKLED UNDER A BURDEN, RUN AWAY FROM A FIGHT.  No, WE are AMERICANS!  And the smell of that bodily waste; well that’s a stench that even that skunk would run from.

I mean, say I’m in that district (or that person is running for president and is showing me what the years with him leading are going to be like), like I’m going to go, because of course he’s right and I and all the rest of us in the district are the most blitheringly idiotic humans ever spawned, so we’re going

“Wow, yea, You’ve just made me feel so proud, you’re wonderful.  This being an American is so great, how fortunate that I am one.  Why, now I see, when you’re an American, you get to have stren…no, kind of like powers, Superman like powers.  Yea, that’s the ticket.  ‘s gonna be so fucking great having McCain as President, what a life I’ll live!  I’ll go to war but will kill multitudes and never get a scratch!  And, well, who gives a shit if this guy does everything the exact opposite of what would help improve the economy and make jobs.  Damn, that don’t matter.  I’m like Superman!  I could probably work 10 jobs; if there weren’t jobs, I wouldn’t even starve.  Thank God I’ve a freaking American, how weak those sappy European weaklings who have to eat to survive.  Ha!  This is going to be absolutely such fun:  I’m going to Fight, I’m going to bear heavy burdens, I’m going to have responsibilities that never let up.  I’m not going to make much money — them “filthy rich” sorts, well they’re the ones that care about that.  Whereas me, because of this incredibly wise and pandering McCain (or Bush, or Dole… go ahead any Republican name will work perfectly), I’m gonna get to have superpowers.  Oh, how dumb, I just realized how dumb that sounded,.. Sorry, my bad, I’ll get this right… No, of course I’m not gonna GET superpowers, just because of this politician, however good, kind, wise, and caring of me.  Of course not.  He can’t GIVE me any such thing.  But, I’m so alive and happy and grateful because, well, of course you see, it’s so obvious, HE’s opened my eyes to the fact that, well I’m an AMERICAN  AND THAT MEANS THIS INCREDIBLE GIFT, Gol Dang, thank you, Lord, and forgive me for not noticing the obvious:  that I’ve ALWAYS had these super powers.  How wonderful to be awake.  I’ll try my best to forget how stupid I was to have not realized it myself…ever…my whole life long.”

OK, enough of that.  No, things are changing.  I don’t really know how these self-serving phonies, these pretenders, these highest wire liars, perfecting, ever more precisely, their deceptive skills, can continue the mass fooling of people they need to do.

So, there they are, wind no longer at their back; but like the salmon only knowing one thing one direction; and the only thing they know, stumbling and mucking their way forward, are those invisible strings pulling the same way, pushing them now into the wind; no matter how the winds have changed, they cannot change course, for they never got to set it in the first place.  And so, no matter how foolish they appear stumbling into the head winds, and falling down in their words, their words no longer seeming so artful as they go on and on about having to save the American workers and the middle class as they hand over, so fast it lookin like a holdup, to rich thick bankers the hugest sums ever dispensed by Congress, and the most quickly, not to end cancer, achieve world peace, but to a jet – owning billionaire who later on brags about how they aren’t going to give any of that money to people needing loans, homes, autos; but they’re going to store it away as it will increase their corporation’s profitability and when the quarterly earnings come out, hell, they’re going to look great, their stock will go up… .more money, more money… and in the meantime, they’re going to triple the interest rates of those who already have loans with them (more money, more money, more money, feel like dancin, more money, like singin).

Well anyway these naked squeaky voiced Republicans (it’s a blessing that they have no self perception really), idiotically crumbled before that gang of the “filthy rich” and, like I said, good thing they have no shame either, when these bankers don’t even cover up or hide, well not much anyway, the fact that they made out like bandits and they have no intention of having that money be anything but for feathering their nest.  Indeed, since such a calamity was predicted if the money wasn’t forked over, and then, when it was it wasn’t used to help the situation at all, and well, we’re still all here.  Wow, it really looks like it was quite the con job.   And so these stumbling over their feet and their tongues Republicans, well, Obama is in office and a few weeks go by and now what?

What’s this?  They’re claiming that they’re standing straighter now.  How’s that?  Well, to a person, no one voted to help to give money toward saving the entire economy, even the world economy, which would of course serve to reverse the suffering and eventually go in the direction of easing the burden of all (well almost all; after all the filthy rich bunch, well, it don’t help them.  You have money going into the hands of ordinary folks and well, that’s not money that you can steal from the government now is it).

So, there they are, talking as if they’re not absolutely exposed and naked in everything they say, to you and me and the cab driver, butcher, computer nerd, and all the rest of the kind of people you actually see walking about in this world and in its cities (As for their “people,” Where the hell do these faceless “filthy rich” live?   Do they walk?  Fly?  Are they in fact alien beings?  Superior ones, maybe?  Well at least then it would have SOME kind of sense to it.)  but no, they are so pathetically proud that they stuck together to “do a Hoover” and to screw over ordinary Americans (do they really think we really believe them when they burden us, when they take the rug out from beneath us when we think we might be getting ahead, and so on, and they call us Americans who can bear any burden, shoulder any blah, blah, blah, fight this, carry that, blah, blah, blah.?)

I mean were there EVER any people so pathetically lacking in self -esteem that such claptrap about where they were born actually made them grateful to the politician, who just added another, well not brick to your load, let’s say more like he just busted your truck with the load and now you’re going to have to start all over again.

Ok, so now I’m one of those “constituents.”  I’m thinking…

“Thanks a lot, bastard, you think I got it easy?  You jerk!  Who the hell you think you are down there in Louisiana, Mr. freaking Governor who don’t need no additional unemployment money.  No, idiot!  You GOT a job!  It’s me that can’t find work and that’s worried about my kids getting sick and, well, now the almost certainty, by the way because of your stupid-assed spiteful action to turn down my money for me.  Now, I ‘m gonna lose my house, worry about my kids staying healthy, but you’ve done what?  You’ve stood up to Obama (the guy who was gonna give me money?)  You’ve said we don’t need no stinkin’ money and made yourself a spectacle on the national stage and, you think (here’s that lying again.  You screwed us over and then you’re thinking you can tell us that we were better than that or something of other of a slick confusing fog of insanity.), and you think that this will give you a leg towards the Presidency.  Well, Mr. Jerk-off turning down my money for me like it’s my pride your fighting for, do you really think we are still that stupid, still that happy to be burdened and crushed for your aspirations, which obviously don’t include, you’ve made that damn clear, doing anything for any person, any “constituent, any citizen, no, not anyone” and it’s clear that our burdens are so meaningless to you that you will heap misery on us to do, now what was that again?  You “stood up” to Obama?  What the fuck, are you in grade school?  Do you think I give a shit who’s staring who down?  I’m trying to live a life; a life that you have just put a cloud of unhappiness and worry over that will not go away form many many years; in fact I may never own a home again.  But I won’t go on about things that cause your eyes to glaze over.  Just let me ask you this Mister, wise-potato?  You “stood up” to the guy who’s gonna give me money, and hold out his hand to me?  Ok, Mr. more principles-than-brains, what’s your next big plan?   Oh, I see, you’re gonna stand up to, well, Santa Claus.  Oh, yeah, I hear it all right.  Out on the National stage; spoutin out as if you’re talkin our mind; shit, you ain’t even one of us.  But I hear you:”

“Nope, Mr. Matthews, you see we’re Louisianans?  Not beggars.  We don’t need Christmas.  We can take care of ourselves.  Let you folks out there have Christmas.  I mean, if you’re so weak.  So you’ve had it your whole life and now you’re kind of like addicted to it.  Well OK.  I’m not going to talk down any on those who are obviously so weak and needy.  But, you see, Mr. Matthews… Mr. Matthews, well let me put it this way, you ever come down to Louisiana?  Ever?  To visit or anything?  You have?  So you’ve met with some of our citizens, have you?  You have.  Well, then you know what a strong-willed,  strong-spirited, and PROUD people we are down here, don’t you?  You agree.  So you see that’s why.  I knew you would agree because it’s so obviously true about the folks that live down here, I didn’t see how you’d miss it.  So that’s OK, let Santa go somewhere else where he’s , you know, where they’re the folks that need to have a handout and can’t get by the year without having a good time.  No, my constituents are strong-willed, and they wouldn’t have me letting any squirrely funny-suited guy out here prancin around and lookin foolish.  Well, not us.  We’re not foolish.  We’re PROUD.”

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Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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