“You may just be the first person to eliminate good-hearted pins in the future!” — “Spoiler Bowl” Audi o clip, comedy. Can be downloaded – mp3.

At Entertonement.com, audio clip just released

For the audio clip:


You might say that my Dad didn’t have a sense of humor….

Sample quote:

"We’d be sitting around in the evening watching the TV…. And — one of those happy times for us — we’d watch the show and we’d be cracking up. Who? Well, me of course. My mother, ALWAYS, too; she had a great sense of humor. My sister almost always would be there, too, and laughing so hard…. And my older sister, Mary Ann, why she’d be just as much in hysterics…. We would be light-hearted, happy, laughing, grateful for the gift of this comedian and the temporary lifting of the ordinary drudgery and darkness or meanness of our lives that this comedian was providing.

Then, from the corner seat, my Dad, bowl of ice cream in his lap, and making his way methodically through it, smack in the middle of an uproar of our hilarity:

"That SHIT!" — like a bowling ball at us, right down the center of the alley….STRIKE! All pins of mirth down. That’s 10 for starters, for you, Dad, and you’ve still got another roll.

"That’s STUPID!"

OK, Dad, you’re really on a roll. That’s another strike. 10 pins of mirth still down. Geez, Dad, it’s only the first frame, and you’re already bowling 20 plus the next two rolls in the next frame.

Uh, oh, the show continues, and we just can’t help ourselves because this routine on TV we’ve seen many times; and it’s always a riot. Oh, my God, yes, this time it is too. It’s funny, yes; oh the faces he makes; he’s a freaking genius of expression, no doubt, making us roar just with those incredible larger than life ways he’s able to move his rubbery face, saying with each expression more than a thousand words could. We’re cracking up, but then he’s also making us a little sad. It’s the tramp routine, and you know the guy is lonely and sad, but he’s trying to be "above" it and to actually still be giving to others, or to poor hurt birdies in this park….

So we’re laughing, and then we’re feeling sad, a tear comes to my eye, for sure, and I feel a welling up in my chest. There’s such a beauty in people, even when they’re down and out. Yea, he’s telling the truth about people in this skit; he’s making us aware not to judge people on the clothes they wear or the money in their bank account, but on their heart. It’s perfect; pure genius. And he’s a beautiful person too; so gentle and caring… and funny" is all going through me, welling up about the beautiful poingnancy, and also the sad tragedy, of life…tear beginning its journey down the cheek…."

For the audio clip and continued at:

"Spoiler Bowl Champ"



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Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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