The government is broken; mightily trying to be fixed by Democrats, with no help from broken media, Republicans, & intentionally misinformed public

The Wall Street Journal writes that ObamaCare is so unpopular that Democrats have to break the rules to pass it.Read more at

Elle D’Coda says:

From Wall Street Journal, check it out

Mickel Adzema says:

Why would anyone expect go to The Wall Street Journal to get the skinny? Owned by Rupert Murdoch…why not recommend Fox News as a reliable source? Same thing. And why not expect “unbelievable new twisting of facts” in the Wall Street Journal’s reporting on Obama’s health care bill instead? That the Democrats are “breaking the rules” (the rules that were used religiously or “broken” — depending on your stance — in Congress when Bush and the Republicans held sway) is a Republican talking point that has been used practically since the Obama took office.

Elle D’Coda says:

ALL of it merely demonstrates that our government and much of the media coverage is broken.

Mickel Adzema says:

Why refer people to media coverage that, as you say, “is broken”? Why not, then, agree with my point which is EXACTLY that the media coverage is broken?

Or, as your post seems to indicate, the Wall Street Journal is one of the few reliable sources in a broken media, then why not take note of the fact that it is owned by the same Rupert Murdoch, who is infamous for his broken media, aka Fox “News,” and acknowledge my point that what the Wall Street Journal says about Obama should be expected to be biased against him?

Baffles me…..????

Anyway, I disagree. I believe that the media coverage is ALMOST 100% broken (exception is MSNBC) and that that brokenness has caused the masses to believe that ALL the government is broken. When actually, the government has been in dictatorship for the 8 years of Bush (check the books written on this), and is now in a broken state that is mightily trying to be fixed by the Democrats…with no help from the almost 100% broken media, the totally 100% dishonest corporations that fund the media, and now even the minds of the masses who are assaulted with a near infinite supply of corporate misinformation that makes them equate the Democrats with the Republicans who have destroyed this country, that makes them blame the Democrats for the mess that the Republicans left them and which the Democrats are heroically trying to tackle (with little help from internet pundits who regurgitate the right wing line that they see all around them). It is to the corporations and the Republicans advantage to say there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans and to equate an occasional corrupted Democrat or two with an entire party of corruption, acting only in the interests of the wealthy at the expense of everyone less than filthy rich, the Republicans. We knew this when we threw out the Republicans and brought the Democrats into power in the election of 2008. It’s truly amazing how a hugely funded misinformation campaign by corporations and their lackey media can mesmerize so much of the American people so quickly and easily and make them forget what they once knew. And it’s been done over and over again (the success of the Clinton economy, leaving a surplus, was so easily forgotten by the media and the electorate when they said not a word as Bush dismantled and reversed the Clinton economy with the expected results, which were “oh so shocking and surprising” to Republicans, though it had happened exactly that way the first time that Reaganomics was tried.)

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