Ok we’re commiting species-suicide; but how DARE we become species-suicide-bombers killing all OTHER life with us

Ok we’re commiting species-suicide; but how dare we become species-suicide-bombers killing all OTHER life with us

Jun 9, 2010 4:28pm by Mickel Adzema

A correspondent of mine, from here on Amplify, emailed me to recommend a book by John Leslie titled, “The End of the World.” She said that the book makes a disturbingly solid case for our extinction, saying that we are among the last generations of humans.

This got me to thinking. Of course what I know confirms his conclusions in spades, but I couldn’t help feeling irked by his all-too-familiar perspective. For, to me, it is not just about our species. It is not just about our extinction. It is not just suicide, but murder. Recently, Open Intelligence used the term, “ecocide,” to make this kind of point.

I checked on the actual number of species recently, which currently are on our planet, and the number was estimated at 500 million SPECIES. I think the whole problem IS that we only see “life” in terms of “our” life — our species. Indeed, some people think only in terms of life being for those of their religion, nation, social group, tribe, family, or even just oneself — all of which aid the murder of those who are “not life.” So, Leslie is apparently thinking along the lines of many others who are not seeing the tragedy we are perpetrating to those other than our species, which is a milder form of the bigotry and prejudice we hold for one human against another type of human. I think that is a shame.

But then we cannot seem to even wake up people to saving themselves or their children, so how we get them to empathize with the trillions upon trillions of other lives and the multimillions of other life forms we share this planet with.

I guess that is my problem with his approach: It comes from my feeling that: OK, we are committing suicide, but maybe we fucking deserve it. But how DARE we “blow up” — like a species suicide bomber — without a second thought for their pain or their lives — which we are only too dumb, and ego- species-centric, bigoted to see, let alone empathize with — as simple “collateral damage,” innumerable multi-bijilliion-trillions of innocent souls/ life forms and hundreds of millions of other entire species of them with us. That is murder of the highest degree, and an evil that this planet has never imagined before this time.

But, again, I see the point of talking to people where they are coming from as a starting point, as Leslie is doing. But shouldn’t we try to raise as much awareness as possible of, to me, the much greater evil that we are committing, for those who can hear it? I say, if we want to kill yourself off, fine. But how dare we sink to becoming the biggest mass murderers of all time, by a multimultitrillionfold? We are currently making the Nazis look like Mother Theresas by comparison. Can you say, “Gulf Oil Spill dead zones,” just for starters!

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