Libya to World “not like Tripoli & we are trapped..Libyans killed inside their own…” Audio cut off

Voice from 23 yr old female protester today: “We’re not living like humans…You feel..jailed..trapped..bleak..silence..sad..had enough” [Audio]

“I’m in Tripoli and we are trapped…I’ve seen all my brothers and sisters…all the innocent lives…and who are they killed by, not by Libyans. But by hired mercenaries…to kill them…This is not protest, this is war. Libyans are being killed inside their own…”

Audiocast ends abruptly at this point. Crowds, and children, can be heard in the background before her voice cuts off.

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Life in Libya: ‘We’re not living like humans’

20 February 2011

More than 200 people are now feared to have died since anti-government protests erupted in Libya five days ago.

The most bloody attacks were reported over the weekend in the eastern city of Benghazi as funeral marches were said to have come under machine-gun and heavy weapons fire.

Sara who lives in the capital, Tripoli and told the BBC the situation was “very tense”.

She described what life was like for young women living there.




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