Here’s the video! msnbc tv: State Rep Gordon Hintz’s tirade. (How I saw the totalitarian power grab in Wisconsin)

Today, on “The Last Word” (Lawrence O’Donnell). This is the video that I referred to in the previous post. As I said there…along with the text of the video that this link goes to:

Wow. This is the most powerful, most cogent…the best.

Today. On MSNBC’s “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell: A video of Dem Rep Gordon Hints on the huge totalitarian (my word, not his) power grab and threat to democracy going on in Wisconsin right now.

This is the text, as the video is not yet available. I will post the video when it is available as you will not get the impact without seeing it. But here is the text till then, anyway.

Also, watch the show tonight, as it is replayed again on MSNBC.

And the text:

00:09:28 On friday, republican state representatives voted on governor walker’s bill, before start time, and before democrats had shown up on the floor.
00:09:40 That prompted this frustrated response from democratic representative gordon hints.
00:09:48 >> Got an e-mail from the gentleman from the 69th that said be here by 5:00.
00:09:55 It was three minutes to 5:00.
00:09:56 I was walking here from caucus, saw that we were voting.
00:10:00 Again, when you send an e-mail, GENTLEMEN FROM THE 69th, THAT Says 5:00, 5:00 means 5:00.
00:10:07 Once I heard you guys already decided to vote on things, then I realized that, you know, why would that happen, and then I’m like oh, that’s right, it is consistent with how everything else has been handled.
00:10:19 Like last friday morning, when i was driving to a school business administrator’s meeting in depeer, and I turned on the radio, and there was an ad saying hey, support governor walker’s budget republican bill, PAID x CORPORATE GROWTH.
00:10:35 Guess what.
00:10:36 I had never been given a bill, hadn’t even been given talking points.
00:10:40 I know we are in the minority, but I am elected the same way you’re lek ted, the same public from the state of wisconsin and I deserve better than that.
00:10:50 It is bad enough hi to hear it from a radio ad from washington, , and then show up at a meeting with no details.
00:10:58 So what we heard that we may or may not get an emergency bill, may get a repair bill, I found out from the radio, from a washington, d.c. interest group.
00:11:07 What does that have to do with wisconsin?
00:11:10 And then it is 144 pages.
00:11:13 And then we get briefed on monday, and I’m told we are going to vote on thursday or friday.
00:11:18 And then when we asked for public hearings, and the public wants to speak out, you cut them off.
00:11:24 This isn’t how we do things to each other, it is not how things get introduced.
00:11:28 And it is simply not what we do to the public.
00:11:31 If you want to jam through a bill, you got to sift through the messy process that is democracy.
00:11:40 When we sat in 4th grade, government, we learned how amazing it was they came together.
00:11:47 We also learned it was bloody, people had to fight for it, and they wanted to make it hard to do big things.
00:11:53 You are supposed to be a deliberative body, have discussions, and supposed to be transparent, because the public matters in all of this input.
00:12:02 And then when we keep the hearings going and honestly look at the bill, it is 144 pages, we find out that there’s things like $47 million of federal aid cuts.
00:12:15 And then we will have to close the bus system.
00:12:17 Have an honest amendment to carve that out and I want to get it submitted, we show up here, and you are going to vote without us three minutes before you told us to be here.
00:12:26 Are you seeing a pattern here?
00:12:29 I find out from the radio, from some group I don’t even know who it is.
00:12:34 Then when the public wants to talk, you cut them off.
00:12:37 Then when we show up to vote, when we show up to vote, I get it, I am in the minority, you’re right, there’s a bunch of us.
00:12:47 But if you want to know why there are 35,000 people here, look at yourself in the mirror.
00:12:53 And how about a little respect, at least for your colleagues.
00:12:57 >> That was wisconsin state assemblyman expressing his exasperation with how the budget battle is playing out there.


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