Michael Moore: “We Face a Global War on Middle Class” (Now that wars on poor & working classes r over. Rich won.)

Yea, a war on the middle class…Now that the wars on the poor and working classes are over. The rich won. (btw, where was the middle class then? voting for more jails, cuts in social programs, a war on drug-users, and cuts in property taxes that gutted our schools and social services. That’s ok, I’ll still support you, as our foe is the same.)

The middle class say, “When they came after the poor and downtrodden, I looked away, for I wasn’t poor. When they came after blue collar workers, I turned my head, thankful for the low prices that their low wages were providing me and thankful that I wasn’t one of them. Then they came after me. Unfortunately, the poor were in jail or struggling on the streets, and the workers were in despair, spending all their time struggling for the gas money to get to work or just to get a paycheck, and some were angry and watching Fox to funnel their rage against me (and themselves).”

The middle class is too selfish and afraid of being called “liberal” or “bleeding heart” to even consider including the working class and poor in its fight for rights. This is one of the reasons that some working class are taken in by right-wing, Pee Party, Fox, etc. They have resentments because they can’t make it into the middle class, and so think “to hell with everybody then.” It’s cowardly and a cop out for Democrats and the middle class to have abandoned people below them on the wage scale. (Notice there was not even a cost of living adjustment–COLA–two years in a row now; and that was part of the spending deal that Obama put forth that gave huge half a trillion in tax cuts to the rich and an extension of unemployment benefits. But for those on fixed incomes it was, f u).

Now there is not a Phil Donahue to be found, and all pundits who speak out for economic justice (even Rachel Maddow) need to preface their remarks with, “now this is not all kumbaya..bleeding heart…hippie-dippie…airy fairy…(etc.) However….” This is what happens when people sacrifice others lower on the scale to shore up their own gains. This is what happens when people go along with the race- and poor- and minority-baiting of the rich as long as it they themselves are not coming under attack. There are lots of myths and fairy tales that express human’s tendency to do this. They all have something to do with sacrificing a townsperson, often a virgin, to the local dragon or monster to keep the town safe. (See, e.g., the movie, “Joe Vs. the Volcano.”

So some people further down on the economic scale now say to the middle class, “Serves you right. Where were you when the corporate polluters were eliminating 100s of thousands of species from the face of the Earth? Where was the middle class when the poor, the drug users, and minorities were filling up the jails so that the U.S. was holding a higher percentage of their population in jail cells than any other Western industrialized country? Where was the middle class when bond measures were put on the ballots for new schools, infrastructure upkeep…even for just the state parks and environmental habitats? (Bonds for new jail construction passed, however.) Where was the middle class when just recently, for example, Arizona took away life itself from innocent unfortunates, by denying necessary life-saving organ transplants to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it, thus creating actual Republican “death panels” — that decided that it was just too expensive to keep certain people alive (the rich and middle class could keep their tax cuts) even though they medically could be brought back to health, had committed no crime except for not being able to get on or falling off private insurance rosters through no fault of their own? Where was the middle class then? Enjoying their anger at minorities or their hatred of the homeless and watching “Nancy Grace” or “Judge Judy” happily redirecting their struggles and frustration, per big brother’s direction, at those struggling more and worse off than themselves, no doubt.

But, yea, we’ll help the middle class. For we know that if the middle class, too, is taken down there will be no hope at all for one to rise up in a Western society.

Amplify’d from www.alternet.org

Michael Moore: We Face a Global War on the Middle Class

Regular people across the world are standing up to elites and saying “No!” to the future they have planned for us.

Right now Thompson is fighting a frontline battle in a war that’s been raging for the past 30 years – the global war of the world’s rich on the middle class. It’s a war the people of Flint and all of Michigan know much too well. It’s a war going on right now in Wisconsin. And it’s a war where the middle class just won a round in Egypt. (You probably didn’t know – because the U.S. media was too busy telling you about Justin Bieber – that Gamal Mubarak, son of Egypt’s dictator and his chosen successor, worked for years for Bank of America.)

Canada isn’t like the United States – it’s still a first world country, where corporations are supposed to exist to benefit people, not the other way around. They don’t just have universal health care – they even have something called the Investment Canada Act, which says multinationals like Vale can only invest in Canadian industries if it will benefit all of Canada. I know, crazy!

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