The Big Lie About Yuppies Being Hippies: Matrix Manifesting, Class Warfare Against Sixties Activism

History of the Movement: The Continued Slandering of a Generation, So an Activist One Would Never Again Arise

Matrix manifest and The Big Lie

This change had a great deal to do with the efforts of the World-War-Two Generation—in total horror at the way their sons and daughters seemed to be reversing the values they had lived, and fought, for—to “take back” society. The WWII Generation did this by putting pressure, as well-to-do alumni, on universities and colleges across America to turn their curricula away from liberal arts and toward job-oriented curricula, and by using their positions of power in the media to influence the flow and content of the information to be fed to the mainstream public. For example, in the early Seventies, the WWII Generation’s money and power directed the press to declare that a “conservative backlash” was occurring in America, when in fact the opposite was occurring.

But eventually their “Big Lie” tactics won out so that people began to believe and then to create what they had been repeatedly told…the opposite view having, as part of the strategy, been censored in the media. [Footnote 1]

Thus, the Yuppies were the creation of the WWII Generation in their attempt to reverse the course of society that their own daughters and sons, as “Sixties Youth,” had put it on.

Scapegoating an Entire Generation

Coinciding with and supporting the strategy just described, and because the World-War-Two Generation during the Eighties were still in their Triumphant Phase—a psychohistorical term meaning they were at the stage of their life in late adulthood in which they had pretty much gained control of the reins of society—they furthered their cause by managing to plant a fantasy in the collective consciousness of American culture concerning the origins of Yuppies which persists to this day.

Designer generation

In obvious denial (again, their predominant defensive posture) of the fact that they had helped to “create” the Yuppies and so of the similarities between their own values and those of the Yuppies, as exemplified by the similarities between the (World-War-Two-era) Reagan-Bush political agenda and that of the Yuppies—who indeed helped elect Reagan and Bush—yet aware of the criticism that their very own values, taken to the Yuppie extremes, was generating in the independent press as well as the negative publicity there about the cocaine use of the Yuppies, the World-War-Two Generation saw an opportunity not only to defeat but also to “get back” at their opponents, the Sixties Generation, by ridiculing them.

In the predominant World-War-Two Generation fashion of scapegoating (the accompaniment of denial), which they had been directing from the outset at the Sixties Generation (who had of course incurred the wrath of the WWII Generation by opposing and confronting them on the Vietnam War in sometimes harsh and hostile ways), the Yuppies, with their cocaine use, were portrayed in the WWII-Generation-paid-for media as former Sixties hippies who had simply grown older but—consistent with their alleged “narcissism”—were still selfish, only now, materially so, thus the appellation, The “Me” Generation.

So the Vietnam-era or Sixties Generation began being denigrated in the press with the accusation, “The ‘Me’ Generation,” and Sixties values were also denigrated—the scapegoating of the Sixties Generation continuing—despite the fact that it was a different age group in society, the younger Yuppies, who were actually the ones triggering the attack.

Opposing Worlds

The hypocrisy of the charge becomes even more blatant when considering that the values of the Sixties Generation included such selfless acts as risking, sometimes incurring, violence and personal harm, jail time, and a lower standard of living for the sake of their idealistic beliefs in peace, environmental restoration and preservation, and selfless communitarian living, among others–none of which have any overlap with Yuppie careerism, consumerism, materialism, and individualistic greedy selfishness.

Despite the success in our society’s collective consciousness of the fantasy of Yuppies being former hippies—once it had been planted in the popular culture by the WWII Generation sitting comfortably in front of American society’s steering wheel—the truth is that these Yuppies were predominantly the generation that shadowed the Sixties generation, arising as youth in the aftermath of the Sixties cultural revolution.

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Culture War, Class War, Chapter Four:
Drugs of Choice and Generational Cultures – Concocted Worlds


1. The events and statistics about this concerted effort are detailed in my book-in-progress titled The Once and Current Generation: Regression, Mysticism, and “My Generation”…stay tuned. [return to text]

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Culture War, Class War, Chapter Four:
Drugs of Choice and Generational Cultures – Concocted Worlds

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5 Responses to The Big Lie About Yuppies Being Hippies: Matrix Manifesting, Class Warfare Against Sixties Activism

  1. matt says:

    God bless.Thankyou.

    This is long overdue and needs a broader , louder microphone.

    that you look beyond the acts of our parentts as what they did or did not do to
    slander us was child’s play compared to the warped and concentrated
    CULTURAL MISSION Gen X-crament has made it. I -now 50 -was all of 35 when
    the hostile and hateful attempt, not only to slander , but once they gained a stronger footing in society -actually alienate and DISENFRANCHISE us..
    Madison the mid 90s in their typically sleazy mindset saw the potential to profit off the mas-marketing of-it and it seems a fixture in our society now..
    One writer referred to this as `the last bastion for bigotry”..
    There is a very good book summing up the mentality of this generation -actually written by an Xer called `IT’S ALL ABOUT ME’ i strongly reccomend you read.. In an entirely
    a-sexual manner I like to refer to the root of it as Generational Penis- Envy..
    They are threatened by the fact that our place in history is secured .
    I would also suggest -whatever your politics- that you look back to the Clinton
    wiitch hunt that not only the right wing and their media launched at the very point many of the Xers were growing up.The continuous tactic the Gingrich clan relied was taking the trash they themselves did not want to be caught holding an d dumping it
    in the democrats’backyard -which as far as being overindulged spoiled attention-whores is concerned is a tactic the Xers have relied in in the most biblical sense..

    Please offer me your feedback.thanx


  2. babyisthree says:

    You are my kind of creative activist. Quite eloquent,I just subscribed.

    • sillymickel says:

      why thank you, my friend. 🙂

      • matt says:

        Thanks for the info .
        i checked out the article but the point Iwas trying to make was less diected at your observation about our parents and more about the attention the xERS REALLY DO deserve that our pathetic society -for whatever reason-seems almost afraid to call them on or that they are somehow above scruitiny..Do people loose all desire to be treated with dignity and common respect once they become parents or something ?

        The other is that I see all too often people that do not seem aware that the last of their generation were born as late as 1964. and like lump us together with the terminally adolecent gen Xcrament.. Having two brothers holding their` tickets,’as well as the loss of a young brother at 7,, realitv did wait for me. . It slapped me concious.. I remember us watching the news every night and and everyone cursing Triicky Dick Though I obviously do not remember the JFKassasination I DO -and quite vividly-remember the King andRFK assainations..and like everyone else who does -on top of coming from a very left-wing background,at 7 it all shaped who I am and what I beleive. My parents were the ww2 gen. so the beleifs I was raised with as far as cultural norms were concerned were probably similar to yours . I think at that point in time any one of us
        late `boomers’ (if we must) .who were not born to the Elvis half of that generation
        both due to a well established family-and the exposure to the best rock that money COULDN’T buy – we were far mor mature and aware than they and in fact now in hindsight I think that by and large , the later were among some of the most IMMATURE kids I knew in school. As it took forever for my siblings to realize this,- emotionally speaking- we really weren’t different at all.By the way , those kids I mentioned were the same fools that thought that the Allman Brothers and Lynard Skynard were in the same league–or Jimi to Stevie Ray.Consider both these angles and I hope someone with a mike will start addressing the former (gen x) Thanx


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