Ecocide – How Dare We Be Species-Suicide Bombers Taking ALL Life Down With Our Own?


Species-Suicide Bombers – How dare we sink to becoming the biggest mass murderers of all time, by a multi-multi-trillionfold?

The End of the World

A correspondent of mine emailed me to recommend a book by John Leslie titled, The End of the World.

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More people living now than the grand total of humans who have ever lived!

ccotwShe said the book makes a disturbingly solid case for our extinction, saying that we are among the last generations of humans. Part of this reasoning involves a complex mathematical determination of our trajectory, which includes the interesting calculation that there are twice as many humans alive, right now, THAN THE GRAND TOTAL OF HUMANS THAT HAVE EVER LIVED. That last is a provocative finding, to say the least. Now, I haven’t read the book, but just his premise got me to thinking. Of course, what I know confirms his conclusions in spades, but I couldn’t help feeling irked by his all-too-familiar perspective. For, to me, it is not just about our species. It is not just about our extinction. It is not just suicide, but murder. My correspondent, “Open Intelligence,” has used the term, “ecocide,” to make this kind of point.

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Ok we’re commiting species-suicide; but how DARE we become species-suicide-bombers killing all OTHER life with us

Recently, I checked on the actual number of species that currently are on our planet, and the number was estimated at five-hundred million SPECIES. smmn20lI think the whole problem IS that we only see “life” in terms of “our” life—our species. Indeed, some people think in terms of life being only for those of their religion, nation, social group, tribe, family, or even just oneself—all of which aid the murder of those who are “not life.” So, Leslie is apparently thinking along the lines of many others who are not seeing the tragedy we are perpetrating to those other than our species, which is a milder form of the bigotry and prejudice we hold for one human against another type of human. I think that is a shame. [Footnote 1] pike the earth 2But then we cannot seem to even wake people up to saving themselves or their children, so how can we get them to empathize with the trillions upon trillions of other lives and the multi-hundred-millions of other life forms we share this planet with? 101619634I guess that is my problem with his approach: It comes from my feeling that –Ok, we are committing suicide, but maybe we fucking deserve it. 9241173_3414_625x1000But how DARE we “blow up”—like a species suicide bomber—without a second thought for their pain or their lives—which we are only too dumb, and ego- species-centric, bigoted to see, let alone empathize with—as simple “collateral damage,”squirrel.friends.animals,cute,love,wild,life,animal,kiss-0234b807ffd68088bcbc8b2247324e1d_h innumerable multi-bijilliion-trillions of innocent souls/ life forms and hundreds of millions of other entire species of them with us. DeepwaterHorizononfireafterBPoilspil[1]That is murder of the highest degree, and an evil that this planet has never imagined before this time. But, again, I see the point of talking to people where they are coming from as a starting point, as Leslie is doing. But shouldn’t we try to raise as much awareness as possible of, to me, the much greater evil that we are committing, for those who can hear it? I say, if we want to kill ourselves off, fine. But how dare we sink to becoming the biggest mass murderers of all time, by a multi-multi-trillionfold? We are currently making the Nazis look like Mother Theresas by comparison. If there will be a history of our species by an alien race after we are gone, I do not doubt that the words “Fukushima” and “Oil Spill dead zones,” will have the same kind of black potency that “Auschwitz” and “Dachau” currently have for us.


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Eight Billion Neros Fiddling


1. On the subject of not being able to handle such a huge concept as mass extinction, my correspondent phrased it this way:

Dead-Birds-LouisianaThe pyschology of tragedy—Extinction? I’m afraid haven’t got time for it.

Mar 20, 2010 2:18pm by Open Intelligence. “The economy works by making people selfish. Mass extinction is merely collateral damage.” The link shared—to an article by Simon Barnes writing for The Sunday Times, of London, on March 20, 2010—reads:

Species are going extinct because humans can’t see it happening, and therefore we can’t believe it is happening. It is as simple as that. Believing that the elephant will no longer be around is like believing that one day the sun will rise in the west and the stars will fall as rain. We can only really get a handle on the short-term. A generation at most. Long-term planning means the next year or two. Our minds can’t cope with anything longer. colobusmokeys.shareamorningkiss.animal,portraits,animals,life,wild,animal,photos,of,the,year-50afae3b0ebecca2bb0ec44fd970426f_hThat’s why we choose to govern ourselves by means of a comfortable timescale.aral1997 Four years, five years: that’s Politician’s Time. Extinction is a happening thing, as I have pointed out more than once before. But it is happening in slow motion: you don’t see a monkey turn into a man, and you don’t see an animal go extinct. It’s just that one day you notice that they haven’t been about for a few years. The current rate of extinction is one species an hour,


Read more “Extinction? I’m afraid we haven’t got time for it” at [return to text]


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Activist, psychotherapist, pre- and perinatal psychologist, author, and environmentalist. I seek to inspire others to our deeper, more natural consciousness, to a primal, more delightful spirituality, and to taking up the cause of saving life on this planet, as motivated by love.
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16 Responses to Ecocide – How Dare We Be Species-Suicide Bombers Taking ALL Life Down With Our Own?

  1. sillymickel says:

    Fukushima much worst disaster than anyone is saying, except for a very few.

    A newly released report on the Fukushima nuclear crisis says it was down to the plant’s operators being ill-prepared and not responding properly to the earthquake and tsunami disaster. A major government inquiry said some engineers abandoned the plant as the trouble started and other staff delayed reporting significant radiation leaks. Professor Christopher Busby, scientific secretary to the European Committee on Radiation Risks, says health damage after contamination will be more serious than Japan announced.

  2. dan bloom says:


    • Christle says:

      I was seeking the same word! There doesnt seem to be one but I like your suggestions! Perhaps oneday that is what they will refer to as human

  3. dan bloom says:

    ecocide is good too, but i want a term that means specifically humans committing mass suicide over time a la lemmings, the entire species, email me offline at danbloom AT gmail, i am in Taiwan 1949-2032

    • sillymickel says:

      It would be good to have a term. I think the reason we don’t has to do with people not wanting to acknowledge it. So making a term for it would be a step towards shining light into this darkness (we don’t want to see).

      I think I just GOT IT!! You’re gonna love this… let me know.


      It is like the term infanticide, but gives the connotation you want — the extinction of the species of humans… HUMANTICIDE.

  4. SILLYMIckel, re: “It would be ***good to have a term. I think the reason we **don’t has to do with people ***not wanting to ***acknowledge it. So ***making a term for it would be a ***step towards ***shining light into this darkness (THAT we don’t want to see).

    YES YES YES. my feeling exactly, that we need the word in order to see what it is we are doing to our planet and ourselves, our future descendants that is. Yes, language matters. With a word, we can RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and rage against the very word irself. it gives us something to fight against. Agreed!

    And you know, i do like your coinage of HUMANTICIDE…..i had been looking for words like speciescide or specicide, to mean the suicide of our species, but it sounds too much like us killing off other species, and that is not the meaning i want. i want to mean us killing off us! and HUMANTICIDE fits the bill exactly. it’s got HUMAN in it and the key ending CIDE, and it’s POWERFUL. let’s USE it. PRINT! go with it . l love it. well done, Master Coiner. Humanticide it is. I will add it to Urban Dictionary later this week too. as YOUR coinage, not mine,. well done, Mikel….[danny in Taiwan]

  5. re “It is like the term infanticide, but gives the connotation you want — the extinction of the species of humans… HUMANTICIDE.”

    I like the relation to infanticide, because everyone GETS that word. and to see a new word like HUMANticide, that
    is gonna wake people up. BRAVO! great word! let’s blog it everywhere! We need to make this word as popular
    as infanticide and genocide in future years. Social media can help. It’s a scary word for most folks but that is exactly what we want. To wake people up. Very very well done, i had made a list of 20 words, none of them work as well
    as humanticide. i am glad i found you here online. go go go.

  6. danny bloom says:

    I like both terms but the one with the T in the middle is easy and more smooth to pronounce, – humanticide! go with what works…we have 30 generatins to go before the shite hits the fane, or should i write ”the shite hites the fane”? SIGH

    • sillymickel says:

      I don’t believe we have any time at all. Extinction is happening now. The shit’s hitting the fan now. I doubt there will be humans alive in 50 years. I don’t think much of the parents these days. I wouldn’t condemn my kids to horrible deaths.

      • danny bloom says:

        i of course respect your beliefs Silly M, but my own beliefs which I know you respect too is that there is plenty of time BTSHTF…..a new initialism! ….and the shite won’t hite the fane for at least another 200 or 500 years maybe even 1000….so relax……and FIGHT HARD NOW to stop this crap from happening….but in fact, it is already too late, you and I know that….sigh

    • sillymickel says:

      where the heck you been, Dan? I’ve missed you.

  7. danny bloom says:

    doing my “30 generations” work at facebook and blog, 500 more years till 2500 AD…..coomment here..all is fine, all systems go, heart still ticking, maybe ten more years and i am off the see the wizard

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