The WW2 Generation—after initial confusion over 60s events, which left them paralyzed, growing in irritation—mobilized into a comprehensive counterattack against the 60s Gen, using all the Nixonian-like tactics in their arsenal

*An Aborted Changing of the Guard—Attack of the Body-Snatchers* … Another reason these terms depicting cultural division, specifically, *generation gap* and *counterculture*, went into disuse was due to the mobilization of the World War Two Generation — after their initial phase of somnolent confusion over the events that were emerging in the Sixties which left them paralyzed and watching, growing in irritation and anger — into a comprehensive counterattack against the Sixties Generation, using all the Nixonian-like tactics in their arsenal … understandably, since Nixon was of that generation and his tactics were typical of the defensive style of his contemporaries.

*Lassoing the Universities*

In the early Seventies, the World War Two Generation used their power and wealth, being themselves in the triumphant phase of their lives, to put pressure on colleges and universities, nationwide, to discontinue the programs, courses, and the professors that they felt were responsible for the youth’s rebellion. Their targets for destruction included such noteworthy “dangers” as liberal arts programs in general, and especially “highly revolutionary” philosophy, religious studies, anthropology, and humanistic psychology courses. A transformation of colleges and universities into “career mills” — whose primary function was to prepare the young for practical and skill-oriented jobs and professions — was called for … or else! Or else these World War Two alumni would discontinue their contributions to these educational institutions. The “bottom line” being threatened in this way, no university administration, to my knowledge, withstood their demands for very long, if at all.

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— this is an excerpt from *Culture War, Class War: Occupy Generations and the Rise and Fall of “Obvious Truths”*  (2013) by Michael Adzema.

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